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Benjamin Installé makes painting and sculpture using conceptual and narrative approaches. He aims to reveal through image making implicit social mechanisms that support highly asymmetric relations of domination and subordination in local contexts.

His recent ongoing sculpture project Braseros (2023) stem from analyzing unfair situations of global economical exchanges such as the upgrowth of a black market between the Caribbean, USA and Asia in highly endangered species of eels, or material benefits made by the Spanish Netherlands in the XVIIth Century generated by colonial exploitation of Mexico. 

His latest large-scale painting Imperium (2021) pictured the current feeling of defeatism and malaise in Western politics and the emergence of the precariat through depiction of the daily decorum of exhibition builders with references to the downfall of the Roman Empire.

Benjamin Installé (b. 1990 in Brussels) has presented solo exhibitions at Le Botanique, Brussels (2021), BPS22 (Charleroi, 2018), and WIELS, Brussels (2016) after his residency in 2015. Recent group exhibitions include among others Zindering, Emergent, Veurne (2023); Closer, Gevaert Editions, Brussels (2022), Allez, allez!, Centre WallonieBruxelles, Paris (2022), Generation Brussels, Brussels Gallery Weekend, Brussels (2018), Tiger Juice, Cissiste International, Brussels (2017).

Solo exhibitions

2021 Imperium, Le Botanique, Brussels
2018 Providência, BPS22, Charleroi
2016 Sgraffito, WIELS Project Room, Brussels

Two or three persons exhibitions

2022 Closer, Gevaert Éditions, Brussels
2017 Tiger Juice, Cissiste international, Brussels

Group exhibitions

2023 Fables Paniques, Ada Ventura, Brussels
2023 Zindering, Emergent, Veurne
2022 Allez, allez!, Centre WallonieBruxelles, Paris
2020 Mort au rose fluo!, BPS22, Musée d’art de la Région du Hainaut, Charleroi
2018 Le Re-Bureau de Rubiero, R2D2, Brussels
2018 Generation Brussels, Brussels Gallery Weekend, Brussels
2017 Chorus of Cold People, Swallowing Helmets, Brussels
2016 Rien ne va plus ! Pictures at an exhibition, Musée d’Ixelles, Brussels
2015 Nationa(a)l, Nation(a)l, Brussels
2015 Capital Artists, Brussels Art Institute (BAI_), Brussels
2014 When Rubiero comes through the backdoor, the friends are already in, WIELS Project Room, Brussels
2014 C’est une exposition, donc c’est un atelier, Le Sceptre, Brussels
2011 Où il s’agit de l’humeur changeante de Joseph Proeflab, Proeflab, Brussels

Writing and Publishing

2021 IMPERIUM, edited by Surfaces Utiles. Olivier Bertrand, Julia Huet, Benjamin Installé. Printing : Graphius, BE. 19x12x5 cm, 14 pages
2020 Board signs, edited by MOREpublishers, signed and numbered ed. of 5
2019 Text for Brandford and Keene #02, edited by 5vs5
2013 Dans la serre, self-edited
2011 Joseph Proeflab : Présentations, edited by Proeflab and Couper ou pas couper

Residencies and awards (selection)

2020 Le Botanique summer residency program
2018 l’Escaut residency program
2015 SOFAM grant
2015 WIELS residency program


Collection de la Communauté Française de la Région Bruxelles-Capitale
Collection de la Province de Hainaut


L’Eventail, May 2021
Flux News, entretien avec Clémentine Davin, April 16, 2021
La Libre Belgique, April 1st, 2021

Collaborative projects

2017-2013 Le Sceptre asbl. Artist-runspace aiming to promote and exhibit performative and visual arts in Brussels
2013-2011 Tigre Radio. Creation of a student webradio focusing on radio art and experimental sound
2011-2009 Proeflab. Artist collective aiming to promote and exhibit visual arts in Brussels


2013-2011 Master of Fine Arts, graduated with honors. erg (école de recherche graphique), Brussels
2011-2008 Bachelor of Fine Arts. erg, Brussels