Benjamin Installé

Imperium, 2021, acrylic, paraffin wax and lacquer on paper mounted on 24 120x120cm wood panels mounted with screws and washers onto the back wall. Total dimensions: 1440x240cm.
Installation view of «Imperium», Le Botanique, Brussels, 2021.

Imperium, 2021.
Detailed views from «Imperium», Le Botanique, Brussels, March 2021.

Imperium, 2021, edited by Surfaces Utiles. Design: Olivier Bertrand. Text: Julia Huet Alberola. Image: Benjamin Installé. Printing: Graphius, Belgium. 19,12,5cm, 14 pages
Installation view from «Imperium», Le Botanique, Brussels, March 2021.

Photos: Fabrice Schneider

Imperium March 25 to April 25 2022, Le Botanique,  Centre Culturel de la Communauté Française de Bruxelles, Brussels

This solo exhibition presented a large-scale site-specific painting and an artist publication conceived as a visitor’s guide.

The painting represented a quite undefined, neither interior or exterior space which could have been all together a construction site, the building-up of an exhibition or a theatrical decor hastily deserted by its protagonists at the end of the representation due to a sudden disaster or because of general hangover.

Influenced by Spinozian concept of «Imperium» pursued in an eponymous essay by philosopher and researcher Frédéric Lordon, the aim of this pictural project was to materialise in visible form hidden collective forces of passion laying out a specific societal situation, i.e an art institution under constant renovation, located in a city area daily crossed by precarious, anonymous workers.