Benjamin Installé

Installation view of “Sgraffito”, WIELS Project Room, 20

Sgraffisti, 2016, beeswax on paper mounted on aluminium panels, dyptich, 150x200cm

La Croisade des Enfants, 2016, engraved wall and colored sand, various dimensions

Sgraffito, artist publication, 30 copies + 5a.p + 5 exhibition copies

Map or Spring in my Step, 2016, beeswax on paper mounted on aluminium panels, dyptich, 200x150cm

Sgraffito May 14 to May 22 2016, WIELS Project Room, Brussels

"Now, Lord, hear the quivering whispers which rise from this little cell in my basilica, and counsel me. My servants, from the countries of Flanders and Germany even to the towns of Marseille and Genoa, have brought me strange news. Women naked and speechless have been seen running through the cities. These shameless mutes were pointing to the sky. More than one madman has preached ruin in the public squares. The hermits and the wandering clerks are full of rumours. And I know not by what spell more than seven thousand children have been drawn from their homes. Seven thousand are on the roads with cross and staff. They have nothing eat ; they have no arms ; they are helpless and a shame to us. They are ignorant of all true religion. My servants questioned them. They answered that they were going to Jerusalem to conquer the Holy Land. My servants told them that they could not cross the sea. They answered that the sea would part and dry up to let them pass. Good parents, godly ones and wise, try to keep them back. They break their bolts by night and climb the walls. Many are sons of nobles and of courtizanes. It is very pitiful. Lord, all these innocents will be given over to shipwreck […]."

– Marcel Schwob, The Children’s Crusade (trans. Henry Copley Greene), 1905.