Benjamin Installé

All images are the artist and internet sources
image 1: vintage postcard of Veurne, Belgium, XXth C.
images 2 to 5: photos I took in Veurne Grote Markt, 2022
image 6: newspaper clip, Niewsblad, Jan. 14, 2017
images 7: medieval and map of Veurne
image 8: Renaissance map of the Spanish Netherlands
image 9: modern map representing naval commercial routes of Spanish and Portugese empires, XVIIth C.
image 10: Renaissance map of the ViceRoyalty of New Spain
image 11: modern map of the Vice-Royalty of New Spain in the XIXth C.
image 12: an etching by Albrecht Dürer representing a Spanish Galion
image 13: the stern of the “Neptune” Spanish galion shot in Roman Polanski’s movie “Pirates”
image 14: an old anchor chain
image 15, 16: leg irons used during the slave trade
image 17, 18: medieval waffle molds
image 19: Joachim Beuckelaer (c.1533-1574), A Dutch Kitchen Scene, National Trust, York, UK
image 20 to 22: Aztec braseros, Classical Age, Museo National de Antropologia, CDMX, Mexico 
images 23, 24: studio views, 2023

Benjamin Installé
Gran Regalo (Spanish Netherlands), 2023
Cement, custom flight-case, wep page