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Front: Valérie Mannaerts.
Back: Gorgone, steel structure, painted wooden volumes, 2017, approx. 80x210x80cm

Front: Valérie Mannaerts.
Back: Totem, steel structure and painted wooden panels, 2017, approx. 60x220x90cm

Front: Valérie Mannaerts.
Back: Tank, steel structure, painted wooden volumes, 2017, approx. 50x200x80cm

Tiger Juice April 23 to May 20 2017, Cissiste International, Brussels. Duo show with Valérie Mannaerts.

This duo exhibition with artist Valérie Mannaerts happened in an artist’s studio. I realized for the occasion three standing sculptures that displayed painted volumes. The sculptures were made of stainless steel and incorporated metaphorical operations for studio practice such as pressure, tension, inclusion, connection. The painted volumes fitted into the steel structures and were painted using various techniques on every facet, mostly inspired by French romantic painter Eugène Delacroix’s representations of lions and tiger.